I’m loving theses quick Dollar Store hacks storage solutions, to help you Store & Save

I don’t know about you but I have a feeling we all have a soft spot for a bit of the old repurposing. I believe that most things have several uses for around the home, with these seven sweet little tips you can be saving and getting that getting those niggly little things stored away, one of my hates is wires SO many wires and if your the same as me we got you covered as we have a solution for wires, keys, two beautiful DIY mirrors, scarf storage (because you can never have too many of those) and a lovely magnetic memo board to get those notes where you can spot them.

1. In those mornings when you have to rush, I always manage to put my keys in a mysterious place where there maybe dragons, so with this useful and cute key holder you can be safe you know where they are.

cute key holder rack made from a picture frame from the dollar store

found here on Melissa’s inspiring craft site redflycreations

2. Who doesn’t love a beautiful unusual mirror?

beautiful DIY round mirror

you can check it out on Heathers crafty awesome site Dollar Store Crafts

3. The enemy of a neat home wires cables and those things that make modern life possible, here’s a great tip to get to grips with those pesky bringers of power and information, the dread cable.

Diy home made wire organiser for your desk 

Found in an useful article by David Rudolf Bakker about all things life hacking

4. Pretty and functional these do it yourself post for you lovely little green friends are great when you want something a little different and they are easy to do!

DIY do it your self mirrored plant pots for your lovely green plants 

found on karen’s lovely site the art of doing stuff 

5. Scarfs as far as the eye can see? Don’t worry there’s a hack for that you will be saving space, sanity, time and money, with this great simple life hack.

Scarfs as far as the eye can see? Don't worry there's a hack for that you will be saving space, sanity, time and money, with this great simple life hack. 

Found on Shannon’s inspiring site

6. One of my personal favourites, in our ever ongoing attempt to be more organised the writing of notes and reminders have become popular and what is the end result more stuff and bits of paper all over the house but with this sweet and beautiful life hack our problems with notes getting lost are solved.


Another great one from Shannon