A Blog: This is the first thing to do

When starting a blog you think simple I can do this and your right anyone can. just think of what content you want to create and get to it, I have done so much research, and watched all of the tutorials I swear I have I’ve seen them all. Not really but it does feel like you can have information overload. The above statement is all you need we all have common interests and needs, its those you want to concentrate on.

In one sentence this is what you do.

Think about what you enjoy which is the most common thing to identify with and to help your audience.

Thinking About A Blog

When I started is blog I had in mind what I and Paola enjoy and in that way we can work together on it and make the process of creating content more fun, we both enjoy movies, me coming from a background in video production and her being one of the most rounded critics there is we love the ceremony of going to the movies the smell of popcorn and the escapism of watching a film. So we made an entertainment section where can talk about movies that are at the cinema, Netflix or whats on Television you get the idea play to your strengths. In that, we also include entertainment news as well as entertaining in general or events like Halloween, seasonal holidays etc as they all fit in the whole idea of entertaining yourselves and each other, its also where we talk about date ideas. The concept of the Entertainment section is we can talk about anything which comes in that area including dinner party food but that would also fall under the homemaking food section also.

Categories (aside)

As a quick aside, let’s talk about categories a little and my advice is to put a post into two of these as a max so if we write a post about how to make an entertaining dinner party it would come under two areas entertainment and food. You get the idea stick to a theme of the post so it’s not misleading. Just to make it clear if a post about an entertaining dinner party goes into food and entertainment they would fall under subsections of those categories homemakingfood and entertainment – entertaining at home, you can add categories as your blog grows but not too many as it can be hard to keep a site easy to navigate, but we are getting ahead of ourselves. Below is a little from our Entertainment section. [thrive_posts_gallery category=’29’ title=”Entertainment” no_posts=”4″ filter=”recent”]

Travel or Wanderlust

I and Paola travel a fair bit seeing as she currently living in Mexico and me England it’s about 5000 miles so a travel section for us was an important one as we like to see different places,  adventure when we can as we met on holiday in Las Vegas. Also, who doesn’t like to go on holiday? Even if you holiday at home, there’s nothing like it time to do what you want and relax. Again it can be travel then destinations, deals… etc again sticking to the concept but the most important thing is to add value, as that’s what is important to me to be able to improve your life all be it in some small way.

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We all need it and we all eat it pretty colours and inspiring stories of health, it’s that simple we both enjoy good food so we made a section about it.

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Ways to make money have your work to be able to be sustainable is very important, this is where you can find ways of making some side income as well as using you blog to add value while while making an income.

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Ths is where all posts go its a simple blogroll of all the post we produce ordered by time published so if you have read up to one point you can easily pick where you left off, on this page we have the latest posts at the top and below that a simple tabbed display where we make it easier to dive down into categories.

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Here is a start just think about what you enjoy and is a common interest which you can be helpful with and share it with the world.

Here are a few resources to help you with your search for a topic and a base to set those mind cogs turning.

AnswerThePublic.com: that free visual keyword research & content ideas tool – A simple visualisations of data. A one-pager that could be shared to prompt a conversation on how you could start answering your public better. By creating content that’s useful, funny or inspiring.


Google Trends – A data viewing site from Google to enable you to see what the world is searching for.

A data viewing site from Google to enable you to see what the world is searching for.