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8 Cheese Recipes to improve your life

8 Cheese Recipes to improve your life

8 Awesome Cheese Recipes Cheese is the calory fiend it’ll spend a while on those hips but who can blame that tasty ingredient it’s not its fault it’s being just too good to give up and there are a couple of ideas on the list which will help to keep those...

This is The First Thing To Do With A Blog

This is The First Thing To Do With A Blog

A Blog: This is the first thing to do When starting a blog you think simple I can do this and your right anyone can. just think of what content you want to create and get to it, I have done so much research, and watched all of the tutorials I swear I have I've seen...

PlayBoy Hugh Hefner Changed The World

PlayBoy Hugh Hefner Changed The World

Hugh Hefner In our entertainment section, we tend to look at cool films to watch but Hugh Hefner has passed away. Being synonymous with the magazine, entertainment, glitz and glamour for many decades. We thought he deserved a mention and a tip of the hat....


Building Memories

This is a short video we made in Tijuana were I saw a insanely huge pork rind. If you want something a little more artsy check out the video below.
The below video was a artsy video I shot when I first got a handy camera the Sony 6500.

No Distance Is too Far

No matter the goal or the hill you have to climb anything is possible.

We love travel and food. The key to making this possible is blogging, its a great way to be geographically free and earn a living. We are on a journey and want to share our findings with you. Helping you along the way to be able to do it yourselves.

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I made my first site in 2001, since then I have made various sites and made all the mistakes possible. We are here so you don’t have to make those mistakes.


We love to see now places and have been a fair few places, we are here to make your travel as simple and as cost effective as possible.

best eats

What goes better with travelling, its awesome food and where to get it.

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